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Otto Panzer

Otto Panzer


This board has lines which combine opposing principles of aerodynamics, with an extraordinary result: Panzer is fast, easy in takeoffs, easy on the wave, easy to handle and to maneuver, it is a powerful board,as well. 

Wide nose and tail, medium-high rocker on nose and medium-low tail, parallel rails, mono concave.

The most striking feature of this board is that it gives great stability, as well as control. You can perceive it immediately when popping on it. On Panzer you will feel as on your long-time board.  This feature is possible because of the parallel lines of the rails, added in a board which is narrower than traditional shortboards. 

Who is recommended: 

It can be used in short, if you are aiming at performance, or in medium for a board that allows you to have fun, as well as helping you improving. 



five fins set


To experience future first-hand!

Board specifications: 
Extra Info: 

progressive surfboard