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Sfan Beden

Sfan Beden


This is SfanTuben's sister, slightly less radical in lines and volumes. Wide tip, great volume in the central part, light entry rocker linked to a moon tail Californian style and a rear concave double V. SfanBeden is an all-round board.

Who is recommended: 

It is a handy board, the best solution for those who are learning surfing or are trying a smallboard for the first time. It can also be a great choice for those seeking fun with a shortboard without ideal waves.  It allows off the lips or central noserides with smooth lines. With SfanBeden you are immediately tuned in and you will maintain speed in the front. It is a secret weapon for your quiver.


Quad o truster


Da 5’4” a 6’2”

Board specifications: 
Extra Info: 

small wave board easy and very funny