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Sequoia Riccardo Rossi e Daniel "Tomo" Thomson

Martedì, 14 Marzo, 2017 - 18:30

Daniel "Tomo" Thomson is not just the shaper of the moment. He is a true artist and innovator of modern high-performance surfboards who introduced some of the most iconic and breakthrough design in the recent history of surfing.

I've always been inspired by his work and I share with him the goal of finding the most high-performing yet user-friendly shape designs. 

I'm stoked for the chance I had to meet him and for his appreciation in small wave designs, where he found the rocker curve, one of the most important characteristics of surfboards, perfectly drawn for the waves we usually surf in Italy. 

Seeing him ripping with one of my boards and coming out the water whit a big smile on his face was one of the best rewards for all the effort and dedication I put in my shaping every single day. 

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